Thursday, May 30, 2013

27-29 wks

Hey we're back...things have been very busy for all of us involved with this project. We've been doing the scans regularly just a little slow posting :-). With this update we are combing the 27 and 29 wk scans. At 27 wks the baby was in a transitional position so we didn't get much, but 29 wks went much better. This is a good example of how baby positioning can really make a difference in the outcome. Thank you baby for turning around for us. :-)

29 weeks now

Wow time is just flying by!!  Here we are at 27/29 weeks already, it’s a bitter sweet feeling as I am so excited to meet our daughter but at the same time I’m really enjoying this pregnancy!
At 27 weeks it was very hard to get a good picture of her because of the way she was positioned.  One really cool thing Jon told me at this scan was that she was lying close to one of my veins/blood vessels and he said that baby’s usually like to snuggle up there because they can hear their mom’s heart beating.  I thought that was so cute to know that she was trying to snuggle up close to me J
At the 29 week scan we were able to get some pretty good images of her as she finally moved into a different position.  It’s amazing to see her face and different details already.  She looks like she has chubby cheeks but I know in reality she is still on the smaller side!  It will be really interesting to compare these images once she is born.
Jon said she is head down so hopefully she stays that way.  We’ve started rotating the bedrooms around at our house and we’re going to begin painting and setting up her furniture in the nursery as well.  We’re almost in the home stretch now, only about 11 weeks left!!

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