Wednesday, July 24, 2013

31-34 wks

Well everybody here we are!!! This journey has gone so fast yet so much has happened. We're combining the last few weeks because as babies get past 30wks they start really growing and filling out which can make getting pictures more challenging. I want to thank the family who have been such great candidates and been everything we could have wanted! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with all of us, so Sheri and I didn't have to have another baby. :-) We are going to post a newborn picture once baby is here so that you all can see how amazing this is!

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by!  This has been such an amazing experience and we are so happy we were given this opportunity.  These past few scans flew by, along the way we saw so many more changes. 

During the 31 week scan we got to see our baby girl licking my insides and then she made a funny face after.  I think she really likes sucking on her toes or on the umbilical cord as we’ve seen her do this many times.  I almost felt bad for her after she made that face because it almost looked like she was mad she couldn’t find her toes!  We also got to see her open her eyes which was pretty amazing!
At 33 weeks we got to see her hair!  Well, we have been able to see a few little strands in the past but at this scan we could see it moving around in the amniotic fluid which was super cool, I’m excited she’s going to have a head full of hair right off the bat.  Hopefully she keeps it all, her brother had quite a bit of hair but he went bald all over within a month so my fingers are crossed she keeps hers!
At our 34 weeks scan you could tell she was defiantly running out of room, we got to see one last picture of her beautiful face before she is born!  I am so anxious to meet her; it should be any day now as my due date is July 23rd. 
Thank you so much to everyone to watched our little princess grow from just a little bean at 9 weeks all the way to 34 weeks.  It has truly been an amazing journey!  There were times when I felt I would “be pregnant forever” and then there were times that it was going by too fast.  I am so thankful we have these amazing pictures to cherish and it has made this pregnancy that much more special! 

Thank you so much Jon for everything, I’m so surprised at how advanced technology is, it feels like we’ve already met her before she has even been born. Not only do we know what she’ll look like, I feel like we got a taste of her sassy little attitude as well J We’re so excited to share pictures with everyone once she gets here!

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