Monday, April 22, 2013

25 wks

Back again and 25 wks...I'm pretty sure this kid is on some performance enhancing stuff....J/K!! The baby growing so well. Heart rate 148 bpm, very strong. As we go along it's gets harder to wait to meet this little one but still some important things to get done. :-)

Here the baby is snuggling next to the placenta :-)

25 weeks down and only 15 more to go!  My boyfriend and I keep joking around that she is already running out of room since she seems to be so squished already! 

It’s again so amazing to see how much bigger she is getting.  I feel like this week her face was much fuller in her lips and her cheeks than in the past.  The picture of her snuggling up to the placenta is so cute to me!  Her brother is a blanky baby and HAS to have blankets touching his face whenever he sleeps or naps and has been like this since he was born, he’s almost 16 months old now.  I’m guessing she is going to be the same!

I’m definitely starting to see a lot of my son, my boyfriend and myself in her face but it still doesn’t beat the anticipation I have of meeting her!  Also, the heart seems to have grown so much in just the past two weeks, it really makes me think how amazing pregnancy really is, that we can grow and make such strong and healthy babies!

For the first time I noticed she had the hiccups the other night right before bed. I could not only feel my tummy jumping every few seconds but I could actually see my tummy jumping up a little bit.  It’s amazing that she still has about 15 weeks but she is already big enough for me to see her tiny movements.  I can’t wait for the next scan J

-Mom and Dad

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  1. It will be so interesting to see how she is so similar to the grandson had these type of ultrasounds and it's so cute to see how he holds his hands when he is getting's just like on the pictures in the ultrasound!
    I will keep you and this little one in my prayers.