Monday, April 22, 2013

23 wks!!

So back again 23 wks. This time the baby was in another transitional position so we got a few shots but not as much. That is totally normal and no big deal. Still amazing to see the growth! Heart Rate 136 bpm. For some technical info. the baby is just about 11 inches and weighs nearly a pound. What a miracle so amazing each week to experience the development of this little girl.

Wow here we are at 23 weeks already!  Our baby girl must know when we do these scans because I feel like every other scan she is either in a good position or in a transitional position.  What a little stinker J

It was still super cool to see how much more she is developing and changing.  I think one of the best parts now is to see how much bigger she is getting each time in her profile picture and how much more “baby like” her face is starting to look.

The heart is looking much bigger now too!  I still like to look back at the first scan of her heart and it looked like two little red and blue dots, it’s crazy how much more it has grown!

It’s hard to believe that she is already nearly a foot long; I’m also starting to notice that her kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger.  She is mostly active at night right before bed and in the middle of the night still, and seems to be sleeping or resting a lot during the day.  This little girl may have her days and nights confused but I guess most newborn babies do! J

17 weeks left!

-Mom and Dad

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