Thursday, March 28, 2013

21 wks

Well, here we are again. Things are clicking along and the baby is now 21wks. Over half way done!! Heart rate was 151bpm.

Woo hoo, more than halfway done, well only by a week but still J I’m getting very anxious to meet my little princess; I feel like this pregnancy is flying by but at the same time I feel like I’ve already been pregnant forever!  Every pregnant woman feels this way at some point right?!

I invited my mom to come with me to this scan since my boyfriend is out of town working.  She was very excited because not only was she going to see her second grandbaby (first granddaughter) but she has only been to an ultrasound once in her whole life.  She has three daughters and only got a scan with me when she was about three months along.  Not only was that years ago but the technology was not nearly as advanced as it is today.

I’m happy she came because she LOVED it!  She loved being able to see her granddaughter moving around and she liked seeing all her body parts from the head to the arms to the toes!  My mom thought it was amazing to see how advanced things have come and how “baby-like” her granddaughter looks already.  I gave her some of the pictures we got and she has them on her fridge; she is still talking about how cool it was!

One really funny thing this week is that our baby girl hit herself in the face!  I being a mom of course felt bad for her but Jon said it happens all the time.  He said he sees it often and that he has scanned twins in the past and they’ve “hit” and “punch” each other before!  I thought that was funny because I’m sure it happens all the time, it’s just something I never really thought of.

19 weeks left; can’t wait to see the changes next time J


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  1. love to see your pictures and posts! so glad your mom was able to come with you. i have two daughters and have been so fortunate to have been able to be at some of their ultrasounds. the last one was with the 4d technology and it is so awesome!
    praying for you and your little girl's continued health!