Thursday, March 14, 2013

19wks and some awesome pics

Hello again, they say time flies when your having fun. I'm not sure how much "mom" agrees with that, but I can't believe how quickly this process is going. Last week baby was in a transitional position, this week baby was laying pretty flat and we got some great shots. I'm gonna write less this week and post more pics. :-) Enjoy!

I wasn't super happy with the last gender shot, this one was perfect!

I was so happy that our baby girl was in a better position than last time, she was lying flat and Jon got some amazing pictures!  The first picture is of her heart which again is getting bigger and stronger it seems!

She was moving around a lot and it was so great to see images of her beautiful face!  I was shocked to see we could already see her nose, checks, chin; almost every feature on her face.  When we first started she even rubbed her eyes a little like she was sleepy, it was so cool to see!

I feel like she is starting to look a lot more like a baby now.  On her profile picture, her head seems to have rounded out and it doesn’t seem like its triple the size of her body anymore.  To me she looks like a full grown baby yet she still has a lot of growing and developing to do. 
Jon got another shot of her foot which looks bigger than our last foot shot.  He alos got a perfect gender shot!

I’m amazed at this machine and the images it can capture.  I was thrilled we got such great pictures since dad is out of town for work.  He was also amazed to see them!  It’s hard to imagine how much better each scan is going to get when we’re just about half way there!

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