Tuesday, February 26, 2013

17wks Gender Time

Here we are at 17wks, so....it's about time we reveal gender even though we have had a pretty good idea for awhile. The baby this week was in what I refer to as a transitional position, which means that the head was pointed more up towards moms belly button and the bottom more towards mom's back. It's very common during this period of pregnancy and makes the 3D imaging  a little more tricky because the 3D imaging is like a window, so we are looking down from the top. As the baby gets a little bigger it won't be able to sit like that anymore and will be flatter which is better for the 3D/4D stuff. Baby is a little over 5 inches now and around 5.9 oz., the heart rate was 150bpm this week.

Just a quick top down 3D picture.

Baby made us work for this one, but we certainly have it figured out.


Wow 17 weeks already; nearly halfway there! It’s so amazing to come in and see all the changes that are taking place in such a short time. This week we got the gender confirmed 100% although we’ve pretty much known for a while now. I am so excited that we are having a baby girl!! Now the fun part is to start figuring out names J
I’ve noticed my growing baby bump getting in the way more and more especially when I carry my son or when I read to him. He usually sits on my lap and has started elbowing my tummy and trying to scoot closer to me; it’s really cute and funny! I’ve been telling him that his sister is in my belly and we’ve taught him to give my belly kisses but I doubt he understands at such a young age.
It was so cool to see our baby girl’s toes! During my standard ultrasounds with my son, I’ve never had the chance to see them so this was pretty cool to be able to see with this pregnancy. I love that Jon really explains what we’re seeing and some background information on our baby girl’s development too; it really makes the ultrasound that much more fun and exciting!
The heart rate was 150bmp which again is getting slower but that’s all normal. I STILL always look back to our first scan at how small the heart was and it’s crazy how much bigger it’s getting every two weeks and how much more blood it’s bumping. It makes me so happy to see her developing so well!
Like Jon said, she is in a transitional position so it did make it difficult to get a good 3D/4D image. He says it’s normal at this age but I joke with my boyfriend and say that our baby girl is already causing trouble J Hopefully at my next scan she will be laying in a better position; the 3D/4D scans are the best part I think!
-Mom and Dad

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