Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well folks here we are now at 13wks. At this point babies are even developing fingerprints. Babies can open their mouths and sometimes we'll even see them sucking their thumbs. We're starting to talk about gender, but nobody is putting money on anything just yet....maybe next time. Tune in to see if we get it sorted out. :-)

Another thing we want to note is heart rate as we go along: Heart rate and gender has been a long standing myth, but they have nothing to do with each other. :-) 

JT Enlightened Imaging

9wks:  175
11 wks: (didn't check)
13 wks: 155

We’re so amazed at how many things have changed again here at 13 weeks!  We were actually able to see our little baby’s hands open and close and you could clearly see each individual finger.  It’s amazing that all this is taking place still so early in the pregnancy.
Our NugBug was moving all around and kicking his/her legs and arms everywhere.  It’s amazing to me because I still haven’t felt any movement yet but our little baby is moving around like crazy, constantly! Hopefully since this is my second, I’ll feel the flutters much sooner than last time.
The heart rate was 155 bpm which is lower than what it was in the beginning.  When we had our first scan with Jon the heart rate was 175bpm which I thought was extremely high but Jon says that they usually start our high and will decrease so that is good!  You can see in the middle picture how much bigger the heart has grown.   I love comparing the first set of pictures from 9 weeks to the most recent ones; it’s so cool to see all the big changes that you normally wouldn’t be able to see this early along.
One really exciting thing is that we started talking about the gender!  It was still a little early to tell, we sort of have a guess but nothing too concrete to where we’re not spilling the beans yet.  My boyfriend and I will be excited either way, we already have a one year old son so I’m sure he would appreciate a little brother so close in age, but a daughter would be just as fun for me!  Hopefully at our 15 week scan baby will cooperate and we’ll know for sure :D

Mom and Dad

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