Tuesday, January 15, 2013

11wks and what a change

 These posts are broken up into two parts each. One part from me (Jon Titus of Enlightened 4D Imaging) and the 2nd a comment from the parents of the baby we are following. The baby is now 11ks and what a remarkable change. The baby is now about 1 1/2 inches long. We are able to now see (through ultrasound) a real baby. One of the really unique new features of the 2nd Gen HD ultrasound is the ability to utilize an artificial light source. It along with many other advancements result in some stunning images. Enjoy....Jon Titus Enlightened 4D Ultrasound.

Wow it’s amazing to see how much has changed in just a few short weeks! I can’t stop looking back and forth from our scans from this week and the scans from week 9. Last time we could hardly tell which end the head was and now it’s clearly visible along with arms and legs.

Right away when we started we were able to see the heart beating nice and strong. The picture that says heart on it shows the blood pumping in and out, if you look at our scan from last time (week 9), it’s amazing to see how much bigger the heart got in just a few weeks. It really makes me proud to see that I am growing such an amazing miracle and I feel that since he/she is growing so big so fast, I must be doing a great job taking care of myself!

When Jon first started the ultrasound, our little NugBug was being extremely lazy! He said that the baby was curled up a little facing towards my back and seemed like he/she did not want to move out of that spot. So he got a lindor truffle from the other room and said that about a minute or so after I eat it, the baby will be moving around more. At first I wasn’t so sure it would work as good as he was saying but sure enough not a minute after eating it, our NugBug was on the go! He/she was moving around all over the place kicking his/her legs and waving his/her arms all over. We were able to get some good shots then and I was happy, I was started to feel sad that our NugBug was so lazy at first but Jon was right, the chocolate worked! He said that they’ve tried regular chocolate before but lindor truffles are the only ones that seem to work. I thought that was funny since some babies usually are pretty high maintenance!

It was so cool to just watch our baby moving around more and just to see that he/she is real and growing perfect! Our little NugBug seemed to be keeping one hand up by his/her face which I thought was funny because our one year old son always has his hands by his face or his blanket close to his face so maybe this one will be the same? I’m excited to see even more changes in just a few more weeks! J

-Mom and Dad

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